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1 AirPods Pro experience evaluation: Do I regret buying it?

The reason for buying AirPods Pro was very simple. I needed a pair of Bluetooth headsets. I originally wanted to start the second generation of AirPods on Double Eleven, but Apple suddenly launched this headset.

However, I did not buy this headset on the day of the first release, because I myself rejected the AirPods Pro in-ear earphones. I also bought the previous AirPods generation. I still prefer the flat-head earbud design. It’s light, so I went to Apple’s self-operated store to try it on before I bought it. After listening to a few songs, I placed an order at the self-operated store.

Although AirPods Pro is not as comfortable as the previous generation, but the headset is not heavy, only 5.4g, and it is still hard to feel its weight. However, in-ear headphones will have a problem: wearing for a long time will make me tired, I can wear AirPods for three or four hours without any discomfort, but I can barely wear AirPods Pro for two hours, and this result is also Not bad, at least much longer than the in-ear headphones I used before

AirPods size

AirPods Pro comes with three types of earplugs, including large, medium, and small earplugs. Since my ear holes are small, I can only wear small ones. You can choose different earplugs according to your needs. In the settings, AirPods Pro also provides the option of ear fit test. You can test whether your current earplugs or current wearing style fit your ears well, otherwise it will easily fall off during intense exercise.

I also wore the AirPods Pro for a simple test. When I shook my head vigorously, it still fell off, but when I was running, it was still quite stable, but the right side was slightly loose. In the daily experience of sitting or standing, AirPods Pro basically does not fall off, but you need to adjust the placement of the earphones slightly when you put on the earphones. It is not like AirPods. You can listen to the song.

Active noise reduction function

AirPods Pro has newly added the active noise reduction function this time. This function should be what many people need. The noise reduction of AirPods Pro is perfect this time. It uses an external microphone to detect external noise. When the noise enters you Before the ears, use a sound wave with a similar effect to resist this part of the noise, thereby achieving noise reduction.

If you use it in the subway, there is almost no noise from people around you, and the sound of subway driving has also disappeared, only the faint subway announcement sound, if your voice is louder, it may be blocked

Transparent mode function

In addition to noise reduction, AirPods Pro also has a transparent mode function. Simply put, this function is to allow you to talk to others or prevent people from looking for you. While you can hear the surrounding sounds clearly, you can also enjoy your own music. In addition to turning on this feature on your phone, you can also switch by pressing and holding the handle of the headset for one second. Apple has also added a vibration effect to the button and has feedback on pressing.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, there is actually nothing to say. Compared with AirPods, there may be a slight improvement, but the improvement is not large. Those who buy AirPods Pro for sound quality may be a little disappointed.

Wearing time

It is officially claimed that AirPods Pro can be used for up to 4.5 hours at a time, that is, you have been wearing it without putting it back in the charging case. If you put it back, it can reach 24 hours of use. Although this battery life is smaller than AirPods, it is added after all The noise reduction function will affect the battery life more or less, but for the small partners who work in the company and listen to music on the subway after get off work and work, it is indeed enough for about a week.

Anti-perspiration and anti-water function

AirPods Pro has also added anti-sweat and anti-water functions. This function is quite good for small partners who often exercise and sweat. After using AirPods Pro for so many days, the charging box is indeed the same as the previous generation. It is not very resistant to dirt. You can still find some small dust around. If you don’t clean it often, it will get dirty.

Finally, is this headset worth buying?

In general, earphones still depend on your own needs. If your daily work or living environment is considered noisy, you can start with AirPods Pro, because its noise reduction is wonderful, but you are right If there is not much demand for noise reduction, it is better to choose the regular version of AirPods, which is half the price.

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