Will the iPhone 11 series prices drop after new iPhone releases?

Will the iPhone 11 series prices drop after new iPhone releases?

Will the iPhone 11 series prices drop after new iPhone releases? Generally Apple iPhone released after Apple earlier than previous iPhone will reduce sales, certainly, how to reduce prices can not fall down on electricity market prices.

Earlier, according to @ i Apple Times tweets, three models were due to halt shortly after iPhone 12 conference.

Speaking plainly, iPhone 11 Pro series and iPhone XR are currently being sold on official website.

iPhone 11 will also continue to sell prices as alternatives to last year’s iPhone XR, knowing that Apple dropped iPhone XR prices to $549 last year when Apple debuted its iPhone 11 series.

If this is done, the website version should remain iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE.

Some classmates may wonder, iPhone 11 has fallen down, iPhone SE have any news?

Of course there are.

iPhone SE will stop production and iPhone 11 prices will fall

Recently, Mr Apple lab said Apple would cut iPhone SE after iPhone 12 was sold and dropped from $399 to $349.

This year, this discount model will be discontinued, while iPhone 11 may be lowered, while 64 billion will sell from $549.

Selling less than half a year, frankly this hasn’t happened in iPhone times, Apple really want to do this?

iPhone SE from exposure to sale has been controversial, most users are not optimistic attitude toward them.

We don’t really have much bright spots since we previously exposed iPhone SE’s functionality differences and its costs before the famous Digital blogger @ IT station exposed.

iPhone 11 is the most popular in 2020

But with more than 3000 prices + A13 processors we found that this product was underestimated.

CIRP reported that iPhone SE accounted for 19% of iPhone sales in the U.S. market during the second quarter of this year compared with 65% in iPhone 11 series, according to CIRP reports from market research institute July.

This popularity level, I don’t say everyone can feel it.

This is a good thing for Apple who has been languishing in recent years.

The price reduction of iPhone SE brings more opportunities for Apple
The price reduction of iPhone SE brings more opportunities for Apple

The price reduction of iPhone SE brings more opportunities for Apple

iPhone 11 Pro sales grew slowly but iPhone SE opened up sales at 3000 yuan in low-end markets, creating more opportunities for Apple.

And this price reduction again is a wave of rhythm.

To know that $50 price cuts are not painful for high-end models of iPhone 11 Pro but at sensitive 3000 yuan gear, which equates to white sex workers, directly attracting more users and stimulating sales growth.

After iPhone 12 Apple also formally entered the era of 5G during this time node iPhone SE price clearance completely conforms to Cook “inventory Management Master” title.

Don’t think that 5G comes, people still buys a 4G phone

Although everyone knows the advantages of 5G but at this stage, can give us more intuitive feelings but also only fast speed faster and no use of application birth.

Package prices are more expensive, more electricity consumption, many areas are not popular and so on, I really don’t know if you have a million years later, what can be used for.

So as a consumer perspective, in the next few years, there is still a big market for mobile phones, buy, don’t hesitate.

Certainly this is official price cuts and third-party e-commerce platforms are definitely falling worse anyway and it will be good news for ordinary consumers anyway.

The price of the old iPhone will drop in a month

Moreover, iPhone 12 conference will delay until October, so that old iPhone price adjustment estimate will wait more than a month later if you want to change machine, may endure again, wait until after all party will never lose.

Certainly, when changing machine don’t forget to put old mobile phone to fold, so save, basically equal to “white sex”.

Like I usually get back recycling, show you also top matching iPhone 11, in the back of the recycling can sell how much:

You know, I spent more than 5000 dollars when I bought it…

How about it? Isn’t it very conscience?

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