IPhone 12 that supports 5G is officially released!

It is generally believed that this is the best-selling 5G mobile phone so far. Less than three days before the launch of the iPhone 12, US telecom operators were in an interesting dilemma that was forced.

iPhone12’s 5G communication function

Because last year’s iPhone 11 is relatively low-priced, it can be said to have made a huge contribution to Apple in terms of shipments. By this year, Apple obviously wants to continue the success of the previous generation, so they are not accidentally using the familiar “recipe” on the newly released iPhone 12.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

First, in terms of appearance, the overall change of the iPhone 12 compared with the previous generation can not be considered large. The notch screen on the front and the rounded rectangular camera on the back are retained. The main difference in design is the introduction of a flat mid frame similar to the iPad Pro, so from the side it looks like a tribute to the iPhone 5.

Of course, it also functions to improve 5G reception. In addition, there is a new super-magnetic crystal cover glass jointly developed with Corning, which claims to provide four times the anti-fall performance of the past.

iPhone 12 shape design

iPhone 12 shape design
iPhone 12 shape design

Like iPhone 11, iPhone12 also provides a wealth of color matching options. You can choose among black, white, red, blue, and green. However, it compared with the previous generation, the body of the new machine is 11% thinner, 16% lighter, and 15% smaller overall (specifically, it is 7.4 mm thick and weighs 162g).

One of the most important reasons for this is that Apple finally introduced an OLED screen on the iPhone12. Although its size is still 6.1 inches like iPhone 11 and XR, the higher-end Super Retina XDR Display should bring better display effects

iPhone 12 processor

As mentioned at the beginning, the iPhone12 is one of the first 5G-capable phones under Apple. It is applicable to sub-6 5G in most regions of the world, and support for Verizon millimeter wave 5G networks will also be added in the United States.

In the key processor part, the iPhone12 is not accidentally using the A14 bionic chip that was first released on the new iPad Air not long ago. It is based on the 5 nm manufacturing process and has a total of 2 high-performance CPU cores and 4 low-power GPU cores, as well as 4 GPU cores.

Compared with the previous generation of processors, its performance improvement is almost 15%, while it can save about 30% of power consumption. In order to highlight the advantages of the new machine in terms of performance and connection speed, Apple also announced that the new mobile game “League of Legends: Wild Rift” will be available on the IOS platform.

iPhone 12 camera

iPhone 12 camera

In the shooting part, the iPhone 12 uses a 12MP rear dual camera combination. The main camera is equipped with an f/1.6 7P lens, equivalent to a 26 mm focal length, and has optical image stabilization. The other is an ultra-wide-angle camera with a 5P lens with f/2.4 aperture, equivalent to a 13 mm focal length, and a field of view of 120 degrees.

According to the official statement, the low-light shooting capability of the iPhone 12 is 27% stronger than the previous generation, and a new night-time time-lapse shooting function has been added. It is worth mentioning that night mode is now also available on ultra-wide-angle and selfie cameras.

As rumored, Apple’s classic Mag Safe has also appeared on the iPhone 12. To put it simply, it is a bit like a large Apple Watch charger, but with the mobile phone, Apple just came up with a different gameplay.

iPhone 12 charging design

iPhone 12 charging

First, it has increased the power of wireless charging to a maximum of 15W (it is still 7.5W through QI). In addition, Apple has specially created mobile phone cases, cardholders and new charging accessories for the new machine for the characteristics of magnetic attraction. One of the more interesting is the folding wireless charging base that can charge both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It looks very easy to carry.

Finally, for environmental protection considerations, iPhone 12 also follows in the footsteps of Apple Watch and will not continue to provide a charger in the package, and the Lightning headset will also be removed. As a result, the packaging boxes of new products have also become smaller, which is expected to further improve Apple’s shipping efficiency.

Eco-friendly packaging for iPhone 12

iPhone 12

In addition, this packaging will also use 100% recycled materials for the first time. According to Apple’s estimates, the changes they made on the iPhone 12 should have the equivalent of reducing 450,000 cars. However, what people did not expect is that iPhone 12 will come standard with a USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable, which has never been seen in the past.

Finally, let’s talk about the release information. The iPhone 12 will be pre-sold from October 16th, and will be officially launched on the 23rd. It will provide three capacity versions of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The price in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is 6,299 yuan, From 6,799 Hong Kong dollars and 26,900 Taiwan dollars

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