new iPhone 12 configurations

Hooray! The new iPhone 12 configuration is coming!

The new iPhone 12 configuration is coming,

high configuration is too big difference from low configuration.

Today, I would like to share with you the big news that happened a few days ago, including the new iPhone 12 configuration is coming, high configuration is too big difference from low configuration.

iPhone 12 series memory exposure: 6 GB on the high-end version

The new iPhone 12 configuration is coming, high configuration is too big difference from low configuration.

IPhone has not been very active in memory upgrades, which is also determined by the underlying architecture of iOS.

However, according to Macrumors, Apple may upgrade its memory on this year’s iPhone12 series, and of course not all versions can upgrade, of course, the iPhone12Pro series will upgrade 6 GB memory, while the iPhone12 series will still be 4 GB memory.

Pictures from Macrumors: The new iPhone 12 configuration

Although there is no way to confirm the news, it is worth mentioning that @ L0vetodream correctly predicted the release of several new Apple products this year, from the new iPad Pro to the new macOS Big Sur.

In fact, I think Apple really needs to upgrade, with the improvement of the configuration requirements of the iOS system, increasing memory has been a very effective step, after all, the performance of A-series processors is strong enough.

There is a big difference between high and low matches.

iPhone 12 box exposure, cancel charger and EarPods

According to wccftech, there has been news that Apple may remove both the charger and the EarPods from the iPhone 12 package.

Pictures from wccftech

Recently, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has shared a set of conceptual designs for iPhone 12 boxes.

Pictures from wccftech

As we can see in the picture, only the data cable and instruction manual are retained in the whole box except iPhone 12.

Pictures from wccftech

At the same time, the appearance of iPhone 12 in the picture is similar to that of iPad Pro, and the edge of the device is smoother.

Pictures from wccftech

In addition, there are rumors that Samsung will no longer include chargers in some smartphone models.

To me, all these are acceptable as long as the price can be reduced, haha…

Apple Pay will support QR code payment

After upgrading to the second beta version of iOS14, foreign media 9to5Mac found a new feature in the “wallet” application of the system.

Some of the code in the iOS14 beta system indicates that Apple is developing a feature that may include a QR code payment in Apple Pay.

Source from 9to5Mac

They mentioned: we have successfully accessed this feature hidden in iOS14 beta2, and although it still doesn’t work, we can clearly see a picture of how it will work.

In addition, because this code is found in the public system API, third-party applications should also be able to use it.

Source from 9to5Mac

Because it is a beta version and the function is not perfect, the function of scanning QR codes does not work at the moment, but it seems that users will be able to scan QR codes with iPhone’s camera in the future and pay their bills through virtual credit cards stored in their wallets.

Previously, it has been rumored for a long time that the iOS system will support the receipt and payment of QR codes. But Apple didn’t announce the feature at the Global developer Conference in June. I don’t know if it’s not finished or for other reasons.

Hooray, then it’ll be more convenient for us to take the subway.

Comparison of three iPhone 12 models with SE, 7, 8, X, 11

The media MacRumors arranged the models of three iPhone12 models, including 6.7in, 6.1in and 5.4in versions, while iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 7, 8, SE, SE2 and other models were added to the comparison.

Source from MacRumors

As can be seen from the intuitive comparison chart, the 6.7in iPhone12 version is about the same size as the 6.5in iPhone 11Pro Max, while the 6.1in model is the same size as the iPhone11, and the 5.4in iPhone12 is between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7/8/SE2.

Source from Macrumors

In addition, last week, Industry chain reported that all 5G models of the iPhone12 series will use OLED screens, in which the screens provided by Samsung will be used in all iPhone12 models, while the screens provided by LG may only be used in the 6.1in version of the iPhone12 Max.

As for me, 5.4 feels great, it’s the right size.

Apple will cut MacBook Air

According to Media appletrack, the informant Sonny Dickson said that Apple laptops using Apple Silicon will be lighter and thinner, and the future Mac product line will be more streamlined.

Source from appletrack

With apple silicon, the 13 inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are so similar in performance that Apple will cut off the MacBook Air product line.


He also said that a 14 inch Laptop called “MacBook” or “new MacBook” could become Apple’s entry-level laptop, while the 16 inch MacBook Pro would still be a high-end model.

Source from Appletrack

In the previous WWDC, Apple said it would take two years to transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon, so it did not rule out the possibility that the next generation of entry-level MacBook products would still have Intel processor versions.

Xiaomi new machine appearance patent approved

Recently, a special patent for the appearance of Xiaomi phone has been approved by CNIPA, which shows a device with large curvature waterfall screen + front and rear double screen.

Source from Sina technology

Judging from the patented pictures, the device also uses a single rear camera, the upper part of the phone’s back is occupied by the camera module area, and the bottom is made up of Type-C ports and dual speakers. At the same time, the phone’s four sides of the frame and chin are designed with a narrow design, and the overall design is similar to that of MIX Alpha.

Source from Sina technology

Xiaomi has previously applied for a “MIX 2020” patent with a smaller sub-screen located below the rear camera module. It is not clear whether the relevant patents can be applied to actual model design and mass production.

Honestly, isn’t it like MP4?

Huawei Mate V new rendering exposure

Huawei’s next folding screen phone may be named “Mate V” and is expected to be released by the end of this year.

A few days ago, a new rendering of the phone was exposed online.

Source from Letsgo digital

As previously exposed, Huawei Mate V folds similarly to the flip machine of the past, with a smaller and more portable body, which is completely different from the previously released Mate X and XS, making the folding screen phone more like a “mobile phone”.

Source from Letsgo digital

It is worth noting that the front of the phone uses a banged screen design, so it does not rule out the possibility that Huawei Mate V supports 3D face recognition.

Source from Letsgo digital

In addition, the phone has a rear four-camera combination, and there is an auxiliary screen under the camera, which is expected to display weather, information, time, etc., and the word “Search for MateStation” appears on the phone screen in the rendering picture, which may be Huawei’s upcoming new expansion dock.

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