The major event in the mobile phone industry that deserves attention every year is the Apple Autumn Conference, which is known as the “Spring Festival Evening” of the technology industry. Yes, that is, the new product conference that is released every year in mid-September. The new generation of iPhone will also arrive at that time.


Apple Autumn Conference


The biggest value of the conference is that the new iPhone price is announced.


However, I don’t know when to start, no matter how Apple renders and highlights the function and value of the new machine at the press conference, we as an audience seem to be no longer excited, because before the press conference, we almost knew all about the new The details of the new iPhone, so the press conference is just a confirmation plus the existence of a detailed explanation. The biggest value is that it tells the price of the new iPhone.

Recently, articles about iPhone 12 models and parameter exposure are also everywhere. Much news exposed from the media are the same, so the impression is true, not like fake news fabricated randomly.


iphone 12


Why is the news of the new iPhone always leaked?


Unlike domestic conferences, domestic mobile phone manufacturers generally take the initiative to disclose their new iPhone information, such as Xiaomi, OV, and mobile phones including Huawei. The product owners often interact with fans on Weibo. In the interactive content, A lot of information about the new machine was revealed. At the press conference, some content was interacted with the fans on Weibo, and many were discovered and guessed by the media. There are not many secrets left to the audience.

But Apple has been doing’security work’ all the time, setting the confidentiality of the new machine to a very high level, so it is impossible to engage in fan marketing like in China, and actively expose its new machine information, because there are still Many manufacturers rely on imitating the iPhone to make a living, and the imitated value of the iPhone is so high. If it is actively exposed, it is not good for Apple.

However, even if Apple has specially trained employees to protect the confidentiality of the product, it is still exposed after all, which has to attract the attention of Brother Roar. After some research, it has been found that even if Apple is strictly confidential, it can’t be done. Absolutely confidential.



iphone 12

iphone 12


What are the contents and ways of exposure of the new iPhone?


The rendering design of some designers is unique, and sometimes it is not very different from the new iPhone, and it is directly sealed. As a result, once a new iPhone is released in the later period, he becomes a standard comparison here.

The second point is the exposure of the supply chain. There are many cases to be considered here.

Everyone must have heard that Guo Mingji, a well-known Apple analyst who specializes in the securities’ industry, so why can he always accurately predict the information of the new iPhone? In fact, as a securities’ person, Guo Mingji is very sensitive to some supplies chain relationships. For example, who will process the new iPhone, who will make the accessories, and so on, he will have his own way to obtain it. Reversely predict the information of Apple’s new machine, which is not surprising.

We also often see some pictures exposed in the foundry, or pictures of parts, or exposure in the assembly shop, etc. When the media get these pictures, they will’look at the picture and speak’, plus reasonable guesses, sometimes The conclusions drawn will be similar. Of course, there will also be self-media made up by the readers, and the content and the new iPhone eight poles can only be one or two poles.



The third point is the exposure of parts suppliers. Apple has some cooperating parts suppliers, so that after the release of the new machine, the market can immediately supply accessories for the new iPhone. These accessories include mobile phone cases, tempered glass films, headphones, etc., all by means of reverse speculation. To achieve the purpose of predicting the information of the new iPhone.

The fourth point is the system code exposure. The iPhone began to have dual cards and dual standby, starting with the iPhone XS series, because the iPhone has never had a dual card version before, but some people still guessed the dual card design of the iPhone XS before the release. Do you know why? That’s because the information about SIM 1, SIM 2 (Second Sim) was exposed in the latest iOS system at that time, it is easy to reminisce that the new iPhone is a dual-card design.

The following includes the dark mode of iOS 13 and so on, all of which obtain exposure information from the code.



iPhone 12 latest news leaked (2)

iPhone 12 latest news leaked (2)



The fifth point is the internal staff problem. Don’t underestimate the media, if you can get very valuable information from Apple, even if it is just a photo, these media are willing to buy from you at a high price. If you are an Apple employee, you can resist the temptation. ?

iPhone 12 latest news leaked (2)


Media exposure is also a blow to the new iPhone


I remember when the iPhone 4 was not released, a US media called GIZMODO exposed almost all the information about the iPhone 4 in advance. This is because the internal employees exposed the typical example of the new iPhone news. However, this exposure was not deliberately leaked by employees, but because Apple engineers took the engineering prototype to the bar to drink and lost it, and then the person who was picked up sold it to GIZMODO for $5,000. When Apple recovered it, GIZMODO All tests have been completed, and an exclusive report has been made.

Afterwards, Apple was very concerned about GIZMODO and announced that it would forbid GIZMODO from participating in all business activities related to Apple.

Having said that, the iPhone 12 series exposed this year seems to be exactly the same as the iPhone 11 series, and the expectation in appearance is not great. It is estimated that the full screen of Liu Hai will have to wait 2021. However, what Brother Roar is concerned about is not appearance, but whether it will be equipped with 5G chips, and will iPhones that support 5G have a new price in terms of price? Follow us, SUP will continue to update you with the latest news!