Incredibly still can put the operation of earmuff machine to go up into earphone, be worthy of is Microsoft


True wireless headsets have been around for a while, and manufacturers are applying their strengths to these new products, from sound quality, to sports, to artificial intelligence. Microsoft, which specializes in Ergonomics, has also launched its own Surface Earbuds, which give the editor a first impression: they look like AirPods, but they wear well, and they can put the way earmuffs work into earphones, you’re not GonNa let me down.



The outer panel of the Surface Earbuds is a large, shiny round shape that looks like a giant retro-inspired earring. Turn to the headphone section, which is designed to be semi-ear-in, like the AirPods, and only broadcasts near the ear canal without completely plugging the ear.


Shape of Surface Earbuds

Shape of Surface Earbuds


But Microsoft probably knew the half-in-the-ear design wasn’t very secure, so it added ear braces, which it says provide up to four points of support to stabilize the headset. This is a great design for the AirPods, which are too big to wear properly! my own experience can also tell you that the design is successful, is indeed to let the headphones stay in the ear. Apple, you got it?


It is important to note that the dimensions of the silicone ear supports are tested one by one. The sizes of the large, medium and small ear supports are included in the package. The sizes of human ears are actually different on both sides, so it is not necessarily the same size of the ear supports on both sides. At the same time, you do not think that large size will be suitable, because the ear support is to rely on just the friction, contact surface is the most important. It is a pity that left ear still can not wear the earphone of this kind of design well, life Ah…


Surface Earbuds


The Earbuds weigh 7.2 gigabytes on each side and are not too light between competing products. The built-in battery can play for 8 hours, the box can be recharged twice, and the total battery life is 24 hours, which is the basic specification. The charging box is charged through USB-C, and the earphone body is connected with the charging box by two metal points. The matching key is the small round key on the bottom of the machine, which is very visual.

Released in 2019, until the 2020 launch of the true wireless headset, no wireless charging property is a disadvantage? Well, I think it’s a gimmick for phone manufacturers to promote and rationalize the ability to charge smartphones wirelessly in reverse, and that it’s no longer necessary. It’s a little inconvenient, because the earbuds look so much like each other, but the charging box needs to be positioned so that if the earbuds aren’t put back in the box as soon as they’re taken out of the ear, they’re put back on the table first, then you need to look in the right direction.

The lack of a common proximity sensor in the body of the earphone, which automatically stops when you put it back in the earphone box, it is an obvious drawback. But its rich gesturing has earned it points. Unlike other competitors, which are limited by the size of their outer panels, the earbuds’large circular panels have plenty of room for sliding gestures, this leads to a more intuitive, almost earmuff-based operation. TAP twice to play or pause music or calls, swipe left or right, swipe up or down to adjust the volume, and tap long to call up the phone’s Voice Assistant. After using, there was no mistaking the gesture, which was quite good.

Use Experience

The Surface Earbuds are said to hold on to your ear, but it’s still missing a note! Basically, ambient sounds are heard as they are, and like AirPods, you can’t concentrate on the music. Of course, it’s also designed to keep users connected to their surroundings, and it’s safer to walk the streets (Huh?)  To listen to music, or to turn up the volume to a considerable extent, sound and color is a very bland orientation, there is nothing very prominent performance is. Battery information can be viewed in a dedicated Surface Audio APP, and there will be educational content.

For True wireless headsets, which are basically connected only to mobile phones, the radio performance during a call is also important. The Surface Earbuds, which are two microphones on each side, they don’t say whether they have beam forming technology, but the simple speech to text function produces accurate results, and the playback of the recording is clear, background noise is effectively reduced and you can hear yourself even with a mask on. When you call someone, you don’t hear a complaint.


Use Experience of Surface Earbuds


Then there’s support from Microsoft 365, the newly renamed productivity suite, which focuses on bringing in artificial intelligence to help, and the bridge between human and computer interaction that adds headphones to the mix. You don’t have to use the Surface Earbuds for voice to text functionality, but you can add playback control to PowerPoint and promise instant translation updates from Cortana, which points to the Pixel Buds.


In this day and age, true wireless headsets are already a must-have accessory for everyone’s smartphone (probably second only to chargers), which is why the market has mushroomed so dramatically, but it’s not easy to come up with a quality model. Small series believe that as a pair of headphones with mobile phones, in the radio, easy-to-wear ratio is a little more than sound quality, so AirPods will sell long. But with the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds, there’s another option.



Surface Earbuds


In addition, the integration of the Surface Earbuds with Microsoft 365(formerly known as Office 365) gives it an unique, productivity selling point that white-collar workers will probably prefer. Of course, its half price of HK $1,628 / 1,588 is a bit awkward, since even the second generation AirPods paired with wireless charging boxes are officially priced at HK $1,599 / 1,558, I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested if you were using your iPhone. But for those of you with Android phones and Windows PCs, that’s no obstacle.