Apple announces WWDC20 Global Developer Conference activity arrangement !

Apple recently announced the schedule of WWDC20 activities, including the keynote speech and the time of the Platforms State of the Union, as well as relevant information about how developers understand the future development of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, and interact with Apple engineers.




It is reported that WWDC20 will be divided into special event keynote speeches, Platforms State of the Union, engineering design lectures, the new Apple Developer Forum and other links. If you make an appointment in advance, you can also participate in the one-to-one developer lab.
The entire WWDC20 will continue from June 22 at 10 am to June 26. From 23, developers can participate in a series of technical and design seminars hosted by Apple engineers to learn how to build a new generation of apps. The lecture video will be released at 10 am every day from the 23rd.


WWDC Global Developer Conference


The most-watched special keynote will be broadcast online from Apple Park via, Apple Developer app, Apple Developer website, Apple TV app and YouTube. On-demand playback will also be provided after the live broadcast. For audiences in mainland China, the keynote speech will also be broadcast on Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and Bilibili website.

Before the start of the Apple WWDC Global Developers Conference, Apple’s official website launched new products: new color straps and mobile phone cases in summer!

Seeing that it is getting closer and closer to the Apple WWDC Global Developers Conference, I find that many students can’t wait any longer. If I guess right, are you waiting for iOS14? I think I guessed it. I know that ios14 will come out, but what new products can Apple bring? Anyway, I am ready to stay up late to watch the live show.
Although this year’s World Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held online in late June, Apple still introduced new color straps and mobile phone cases in summer according to the update time of previous years.
The four straps used for the Apple Watch are sports models, namely “spray green”, “fresh orange”, “coast gray”, “linen blue”, which are compatible with both 40mm and 44mm, and can be used in previous generations For Apple Watch, the pricing is still quite favorable.


2020 apple watch brand

2020 apple watch brand

The phone case is available in three colors: “spray green”, “bright orange”, and “linen blue”, all of which are made of silicone, and are compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


2020 iphone case

2020 iphone case

The color scheme of these mobile phone cases and straps is really beautiful, but there is always a feeling that I’ve seen.
So I checked Apple’s updated iphone case and watch strap at the same time last year.


iphone case


apple watch brand


It seems that except for the material of the strap, there is no difference. Apple will really be a little lazy. Haha. It is kidding. But to tell the truth, Apple’s official mobile phone case is indeed easier to use than the ordinary case we bought, dirt-resistant, and the quality is not bad. I have bought the official case of iPhone7. I used it for three years and it is not bad. i am still using it.

But these are not the focus, the real boss is the WWDC conference on June 22. According to previous news, in addition to the announcement of a new generation of iOS14, watchOS 7, tvOS and other systems, WWDC 2020 will also bring some new hardware products, such as new AirPods and Mac computers that may soon announce the ARM version. The head-mounted AirPods Studio on WWDC is likely to debut, and the shoulder-mounted AirPods X may also be released together. The first ARM Mac may be a 12-inch MacBook, which was removed from Apple after the release of the new MacBook Air.

All in all, the richness of  WWDC 2020 is unprecedented. Please team up with SUP to look forward to what surprises Apple will bring us this time!