Which iOS system version is the most suitable for each iPhone model? After reading it, you will know whether to upgrade iOS or not!

Recently, many netizens asked me which iOS system version 6s is most suitable for? Which system version is most suitable for 5s? Today, the SUP team sorted out which system version of the iPhone models are most suitable for everyone? After reading it, you will know whether you should upgrade.


I will hesitate for a while every time I upgrade the iOS system of the iPhone in my hand. I believe that many old users of Apple phones have this habit. The main thing that everyone pays attention to most is not the new features of the iOS system, but whether this version of iOS is still as smooth, stable, and power-saving as it is in use. And every time the new system came out, the question I was asked the most was: Can my phone be upgraded? What will happen after the upgrade, will it be stuck, what about standby, etc.?

1. Which system version is most suitable for each model of iPhone?

Some friends upgrade as soon as they come out, because the mobile phone is used, of course, there are also some friends who have not upgraded.
There are indeed many iPhone devices that prompt to upgrade, but it will be very stuck after the upgrade. For example, the newer version of iOS11 prompts that iPhone5s can also be upgraded. Then after the iPhone5s is upgraded, it will be so slow that you definitely want to change to a new phone.
Let me tell you which version of the iPhone should stay in. Take the current models as an example.

iPhone 5s

As the first 64-bit processor, the performance is still very powerful. From 13 years to the present, it has experienced 6 iOS versions. However, I think iOS9 is already the limit. Now I upgrade to the iPhone5s of iOS10, the experience and speed are all next. Steps, of course the best is iOS7 and iOS8, the highest version iOS9 is the best, software compatibility performance can be satisfied

iPhone 6

Compared with the iPhone5s, the performance of the iPhone6 does not improve much. It can be seen from the running scores. After all, the running score is still more than 20,000. Since the fingerprint experience is the same as that of the iPhone5s, there is little difference between upgrading to iOS10 and iOS9, but when opening the program, In terms of game response, iOS9 is better, but many friends’ iPhone6 has been upgraded to iOS10. I think iOS10 is already the limit. The consequences of upgrading to iOS11 are actually the same as iPhone5s upgrading to iOS10, slow, slow, and slow.
It is estimated that many friends will say, I used iPhone6, I also upgraded to iOS11, and did not feel any slowness, it is because you are not using other iPhone models, there is no harm without comparison, if you are now iOS10 System, don’t upgrade to iOS11.

iPhone 6s/iPhone SE/iPhone 7

Why put these three mobile phones together? According to the performance of the current three mobile phones, they can fully support iOS11, iPhone6s upgrade to iOS11, compared with the original iPhone6s system iOS9, response speed, application opening speed, They are almost the same, and the performance gap of these three phones is not very big, and the difference in normal running scores is about 30,000 to 40,000.

If your phone is an old device, don’t upgrade it. After the upgrade, the experience will be bad. The new iPhone doesn’t matter, just upgrade at will. If some iPhone 6s and above mobile phone users feel that it is not as fast as before, once, you will find your iPhone6s is fully resurrected again!

iphone 7
iphone 7

2. The ios 12 system with AI technology is perfectly adapted to the old models.

Apple’s ios system has a very big problem, that is, when the new version is adapted to the old model, it will often cause the old iPhone to become very lagging, and even the possibility of becoming bricks will appear. Many consumers have been criticized for a long time, and there is even a saying among fruit fans that Apple uses such means to allow consumers to replace new iPhones.
However, the ios12 operating system released this year has undergone qualitative changes. Not only has the mobile phone system become more usable and smooth after the update, but even the old Apple mobile phones of the previous few years are also compatible, even if it is iPhone4S. Such obsolete models have rejuvenated after updating iOS 12. So why is Apple’s new operating system so good this year?
In fact, the main reason is the application of new technology on Apple mobile phones, and this new technology is just emerging AI technology. As we all know, in the Android camp, system lag has always been the biggest problem faced by mobile phone manufacturers, and Android phones The main solution for manufacturers to solve this problem is preloading. The implication is that the user loads the program in advance before opening the software. This saves the user the time to start the program, and the experience is much smoother.
However, the main function of AI technology is to collect the user’s mobile phone habits and preload the software according to the user’s mobile phone habits. This not only greatly saves the mobile phone’s running memory, but also saves a lot of resources. Apple’s IOS12 realizes the smooth operation of the system through this technology, and the most surprising thing is that it is precisely because of the AI ​​technology used in the iOS system that the user’s use of the mobile phone will be extended and the mobile phone will become more user-friendly , Which is why iOS 12 is still perfect after adapting to older models.

iOS 12
iOS 12

3. Using experience of Apple’s latest iOS13.3 system.

Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to iOS 13.3? To put it simply, after upgrading to iOS 13.3, there are many new features and improvements, and the response speed has been improved, but the power consumption has increased, and it has become hot. There are occasional interruption and short signal situations, especially for older models. If it is an old model and encounters a relatively stable version of the iOS system, then don’t upgrade it, just keep that version.
However, iOS 13.3 still has many fixes and improvements, and new features:
Added parental control. It is possible to restrict the persons whom children can contact via telephone, FaceTime calls, and messages.
Parents can manage the contacts displayed on their children’s devices through the contact list.
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When trimming a video, you can create a new video.
Support for security keys used by NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2 has been added to the Safari browser.
Fix the inability to download new mail, solve the problem of Gmail cannot delete mail, repeat mail, display wrong characters, etc.
Fix the problem that the cursor does not move, the screenshot becomes blurred, the photo may not be stored, and the voice memo recording is shared with other apps.
Fixed the problems that missed calls cannot be cleared, cellular data is displayed as off, dark mode cannot be turned off, and wireless charger charging speed slows down.
Of course, another surprise is that iOS 13.3 can support China Unicom users to use VoLTE. The situation of the new and old models after upgrading to iOS 13.3 is somewhat different. For example, the older models have more obvious heat, generally speaking, the response speed is faster, and the power consumption has increased. If it is an older model, it is recommended to keep the previous stable version, and it is not necessary to follow the trend and upgrade to the new version.


Regarding the question of whether you should upgrade the system, I believe you have found the answer after reading this article. Reminder: If you want to buy high-quality mobile phones or headphones, please contact us. We are a SUP team, professional wholesale mobile phones, headsets.

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