Why can’t I buy an used iPhone7 without fingerprints?

Friends who often visit second-hand apps will find that many second-hand apps sell iPhones without fingerprints. The price of this kind of iPhone is much cheaper (iPhones without fingerprints refer to broken fingerprints, not iPhone4s, iphone7 etc., which do not have fingerprints. Cell phone).

Before iPhone7, if fingerprint recognition cannot be used, but the home button can be used as a return button, the impact is not big. After iPhone7, the non- pres sable home button is adopted. If there is no fingerprint, the home button will be invalid, and even the most basic return function will not be possible. Realization can only be achieved through the “small dot”. What’s more depressing is that if you reactivate the iPhone, because the back button cannot be pressed, activation is also difficult.

iPhones without fingerprints are basically old phones, not brand-new ones. Because the fingerprint is connected to the CPU and is encrypted, if the fingerprint recognition cannot be used, it is largely due to the problem of the motherboard, because the CPU and the fingerprint code cannot match.

If there is a problem with the fingerprint cable, an error will be reported before the flashing of the machine. Later, Apple lifted this restriction, and a large number of non-fingerprint machines appeared later. Fingerprint recognition is associated with the motherboard, as long as there is something on the motherboard. After changing a part, fingerprints are basically unusable!

 So you’d better not touch the iPhone without fingerprints, because the motherboards of these iPhones have basically been overhauled, or if you use the motherboard of this iPhone, plus the home button of that iPhone, the fingerprints will definitely not work, but most of them are broken. The main board is a piece of cake and it is extremely easy to break!

We often tell everyone that although this kind of iPhone is cheap, don’t buy it, why not buy it? How do iPhones without fingerprints come from? Today I will take you to analyze why many iPhones do not have fingerprints.

First case

According to the editor, in order to pursue greater profits, many businesses will directly import iPhone motherboards without fingerprints from foreign countries. This kind of motherboards are more or less problematic, and then repaired in a certain market, and then equipped with them after normal use. Case, screen battery, etc. This becomes a complete iPhone. This kind of iPhone is generally easy to see, because the casing and so on are all post-matched, so the color is generally very new. Hardly any scratches or bumps can be seen. Of course, the casing, screen and other accessories are all imitations, not original. This kind of iPhone is mostly parallel imports.

Second case

There are many iPhones that have hardly unlocked the ID lock. Everyone knows that ID locks can only be unlocked through customer service. We are talking about software solutions that do not harm the hardware of the phone. What should I do if the source of the iPhone is unknown and Apple customer service does not unlock it (mostly stolen iPhones)?

At this time, hard solution is required. Since fingerprint recognition and ID are both stored in the CPU, the hard solution requires replacement of the CPU, and the fingerprint module and CPU are one-to-one, so there will be no fingerprint recognition when the CPU is changed. This kind of iPhone is mostly in the country. Of course, the quality is the same as that of ordinary second phones, and there will be no almost new situations. After all, the shell screen will not be replaced

The third case

That is the fingerprint recognition is really broken! This probability is very small, I have not seen fingerprints to identify my broken iPhone. Of course this situation exists.

No matter what kind of situation causes the fingerprint recognition to be unusable, it can almost always be judged that the motherboard has a problem or has been overhauled. Although there is no difference in using this kind of iPhone, there may be some instability in the later stage, such as a blank screen for no reason. Although it is a few hundred dollars cheaper, the risk is too high. If you have to choose a lower-priced iPhone, the card sticker machine is also a good choice. Although it can’t be restored, the hardware generally won’t cause problems, so you can use it more assured!

The water inlet version, minor repair version, overhaul version, single version, assembled version, ID version, bomb machine, will keep you crying in minutes. The fingerprint-free machines in Huaqiangbei exist as well as the original ones. This requires you to be familiar with the stall owner and be able to distinguish them. There are not many goods, but only exist between a few stalls, and the cycle is very long. It looks like you have to wait at least 3-4 days for the next batch.

I used to think that this kind of machine was cheap and shipped quickly, and it was always in short supply until there was no supply. I personally like this kind of machine. It doesn’t matter whether or not the fingerprint is used. After using the fingerprint for a long time, you will know that it is not that convenient, and it is even a little troublesome. Knowing the inside of the machine, the machine of the whole product can be familiar with it, so you won’t be deceived.

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